After being referred so Dr. Pina, I found the peace I needed…

Dr. Pina -For several months, I was unable to identify a pain I had built in my right shoulder/rhomboid area. The pain had become so unbearable, I was unable to do everyday activities such as write, carry a bag or sleep comfortably. After being referred so Dr. Pina, I found the peace I needed. One of the main characteristics I seek to find in Doctors is trust and instantly, I could tell Dr. Pina was honest and going to be reliable. Without a doubt, I have noticed the benefits of the treatments and feel more better than I ever have.

Dr. Choi- I have always been afraid to try Acupunctuer, because I cannot imagine sitting still and having needles placed all over my body. However, I have found great reliefe from pain, headaches, and easing my anxiouseness thorugh the Chines Medicine. In addition, Dr.Choi has further enhanced my treatments with Chines herbs that allowed me to relax my stmach pains and by using cupping to realieve my shoulder pain. I couldn’t ask for a better Doctor to soothe my pains.

Shima R.


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